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But First Let Me Give an Indroduction

Contrary to what you might think, I don't always have time to seek out new adventures. If I had the time and resources to explore continually, I might not be creating this blog. Instead, I only have time to daydream about the minimalist lifestyle of a vagabond.

Before I jump into my first official Akers of Adventures post, I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome my readers and share a little about myself. I work as a landscape consultant full-time, but I enjoy getting out of town to explore new places at every opportunity I get. Texas A&M University was my home for almost 4 years. It was a nice change of pace from growing up in a small-town South of San Antonio and enticed me to a big city. After earning my Bachelor of Science in University Studies at the College of Architecture, I set out to Dallas for my first job (this is the same job I still have today). After a couple of years, I found it hard to fit in with the Dallas lifestyle, so I picked up and moved to Fort Worth with my best friend from college. This means that I now commute 45-60 minutes one way for work, 5 times a week. I have to say it was totally worth it, and I will not be moving back to Dallas if I have a say. No offense to Dallasites, it's just not my cup of coffee. Who knows what will be my next move, but for right now, I am enjoying where I am at.

My Favorite Adventure to Date - Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

2020 wasn't the best year in many people's books, and I would agree most days were not what I had expected for the turn of the decade. During the same trying year, I also found more of myself. The outdoors has always drawn me to it, but it wasn't until this past year that I accepted I wanted to spend more time surrounded by nature. I can clean up well and enjoy busy city life, but I would much rather be lounging around a campfire, gazing at the stars, and making s'mores. 2020 also taught me that we never know what the future holds. If we don't seek out our goals today, they might not be obtainable tomorrow.

For this blog to be a success, I will have to be venerable and real with my experiences, whether that will be rainbows and butterflies or a dumpster fire (we will probably have a mix of both). I want to preface my blog's start by saying, I am not a literary genius. I can use their, there, and they're correctly, but probably not a semicolon (shout out to Grammarly for getting me through college and now adulthood). Since I am taking on this endeavor as an outlet for sharing my new feats and a memory record to look back on, I don't have many writing guidelines. It just means I have to actively search out new adventures to try. But I hope to have something newly prepared once a month minimum. My overarching goal is to motivate others to dream and then set out to make those goals their reality.

2021 will be a big year for us all, and I especially look forward to the many adventures that I will get to share with you along my journey.

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